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Are you  a Positive  part of the Hospitality and Tourism Industry?

Would you like to be part of a Positive Impact Initiative and have your organization recognized as a positive change agent?

MaJic in Motion is on a mission to plant seeds of awareness, while encouraging, supporting and celebrating increased options for the globally conscious tourist.

MaJic in Motion works with your organization to engage and inspire a positive change workforce in the tourism industry, working for organizations that are recognized as positive change agents. 


MaJic in Motion works with the host destinations to educate and encourage to embrace tourism development as it represents various Positive Impacts to their community.  With communities, tourism organizations and tourists working together supporting PII the paradigm shifts to a more responsibly sustainable world as a result of travel experiences. 

1. Recognition with PII  membership for the Positive Impact that results from the activities of your organization - we promote your positive impact through social and other media.

2. Work with organizations to identify their desired PII.

3. Each PII member will be highlighted with a scorecard of positive impacts and  endorsed with other positive change agents 

4. Please support the PII team in continuing its work to educate host communities regarding positive impacts as a result of tourism activities, to encourage tourism development supporting the tourism industry and inspire labour from within. 


5.. Your donations and membership fees will support the ongoing development of scorecards to index positive impact as a result of tourism for consistency in understanding and encouragement of tourist pride!




1. Customer Service/Guest Relations Expertise

2. Understanding Cultural Intelligence

3. Motivational messages; Personal and Group

4. Sales Strategies

5. Marketing and Brand Management

6. Research and Communications   

1.  Workshops to build awareness of the impacts of tourism

2. Info sessions focussing on the change agents in the tourism industry and the positive impact(s) resulting

3.  Engaging tourists in active and/or passive participation in the positive impact initiatives 

4.  Helping tourists make conscious choices through a comprehensive listing of PII recognized organizations.

5. Helping tourists make conscious choices by offering a comprehensive listing of PII options.

6. Provision of a scorecard to index positive change agents - giving you the opportunity to accumulate your positive contribution status on social and other media. 



Thank you for being a positive change agent! Message sent:-)

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