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At Majic in Motion, we understand that no one knows their business as intimately as those who are wholly invested in their own. While every CEO and owner give their businesses more than a 100% of their energy, some still want to seek out expert guidance and mentor ship in promoting their corporate enterprise.


MaJic’s competitive edge comes from the fact that we genuinely care because your business is our business. We apply our marketing expertise and dedicate ourselves to each and every one of our clients.


MaJic’s team harnesses a collective range of journalistic, public relations, event planning, marketing, and corporate expertise to provide each of our clients with tailor-made marketing strategies.

We also provide instructional and motivational seminars in culturally-diverse corporate settings which will help to enhance staff communication, cooperation, and productivity both at work and with your client base and community.


Dr. Lee Rosen


Dr. Donna Lee Rosen has the MaJic touch when it comes to inspiring the next wave of Tourism Entrepreneurs and Customer Service Specialists.  Her experience has been developed over many years, both working in the tourism industry with various roles in both entrepreneurship and academia while also enjoying tourism.

Globalization has led to a surge of increased cultural interaction than previously ever recorded, Tourism numbers exceed projections year after year.  Understanding the economics and social challenges faced by the tourism stakeholder,  the team at MaJic in Motion is prepared to give your company up to date tools to navigate the cultural shifts of the second millennium.

Dr. Lee Rosen recently introduced an initiative to encourage tourism organizations lead the way and increased positive outcomes as a consequence of tourism.  Working together with Majic in Motions’ Positive Impact Initiative (PII) clients will integrate socially responsible operations that align with  UNWTO’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), while remaining economically sustainable.

Mobilizing PII will establish your business as a conscientious choice for tourists enhancing their experiences with a positive impact!  Let Donna and her team inspire your organization for growth, premiere service and conscientiousness as positive change agents.


Plane in the Sky

"The strategies Majic put together for Sky to Fly kept us flying! Easy to work with, innovative ideas with a reality based sense of what appeals to our customer base. The team at Majic has certainly created not only a positive experience for the tourists coming to stay with us, it has been a positive experience for us working with Majic."

Executive Committee 
Sky to Fly


"We chose MaJic in Motion to put together the PII accreditation in order to bring better experiences for both our guests and the community our long term stay properties are a part of. It feels really good to be a conscientious choice for the traveller."

Evan Sahmet 

Man Fixing Pipe

"Comprehensive and extensive research completed ahead of it's time - Donna is Pleasurable and Professional, good work ethic, gets the job done with Majic."

Enbridge Pipelines


"Majic's team of writers and editors developed the content of Totally Toronto, making all the information SEO in a time of challenging competition for the marketing of a destination.  Efficient, friendly and effective, I am coming back to them when the next project is ready!"

Brett C, CEO
Totally Toronto

Stones Massage

"Rebranding our business was a daunting exercise - thanks to Donna and her Majic the transition was smooth and seamless."

C. Gentile, President

Royal Blush

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