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Engage your audience when communicating your message: put

MaJic in Motion. 


A Comprehensive Approach


Engaging workshops can be arranged at your convenience on a variety of topics to include guest relations, branding, marketing and cultural intelligence. Majic’s workshop series will motivate your employees to cultivate cultural competence while improving relationship management skills with both the internal and external customer. At Majic in Motion we tailor our seminars to focus on the global communities that most influence your organization.


New to the program are a series of lectures and workshops to encourage your role as a positive change agent. Also available is a series to educate and promote an understanding  of Positive impact resulting from tourism

Discussing the Numbers

Expert Guidance

Working closely with your organization, strategies will be developed to enhance brand recognition, build consumer awareness, interest and engagement thereby connecting with your product. 


The Path to Success

The team at Majic in Motion  is well versed to engage and educate your audience on various topics related to Consumer Behaviour, Entrepreneurship, Careers in Tourism, Cultural Intelligence and Globally Responsible Initiatives.

Motivational, inspirational themes also available. 

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